About WayneCounty.info

WayneCounty.info is a local news and information website for Wayne County, Indiana. It automatically collects and displays information about news, events, community updates, sports, weather, emergency alerts and more from other online sources in Richmond, Indiana and Wayne County, Indiana.

The site was created in 2011 (originally as "47374.info") and is managed by Chris Hardie with occasional help from other volunteers. There's more information about the origin of the site in this article and about the recent re-launch.

Daily News Summary Email

Every day the site automatically sends over 340 people a summary of the previous day's news and updates, along with some information that might be helpful as you start your day.

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Weekly News Quiz

Test your knowledge of recent news and updates with our weekly news quiz. Every Friday and Saturday, the news summary email will contain a link to that week's quiz that you can take any time until Sunday.

Any Wayne County resident completing the quiz can optionally enter a drawing for a $25 gift card to a Wayne County restaurant. Every month, we'll randomly select a winner from all valid quiz participants over the past month, and send them the gift card.

No purchase necessary, one entry allowed per person per quiz, must be 18 years of age or older to enter, all awards are at the sole discretion of the WayneCounty.info team.

About the Automation

Again, this site is almost entirely automated. The content and links appear automatically, the daily email is automated, the social media posts are automated.

While there are editorial decisions inherent in the selection of sources, for the most part, none of the actual headlines or links displayed on the site at any given time have been directly entered or modified by a human being affiliated with this site. Instad, they come from external sources that are scanned via software tools.

Some exceptions to this include cases where software tools failed to notice and publish a news item, where the item has been misclassified, where the headline or summary information about an item has substantially changed at the source and needs to be updated, or where adding, updating or removing an item manually would significantly enhance the site's coverage of our community.

In the near future, WayneCounty.info will allow readers to submit some kinds of news and event information for publishing on the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you making money on this?
No. In fact, it costs money to run the site's infrastructure. People have asked about making a donation, which we appreciate, but if you have money you want to give to someone, give it to professional journalists who are often the ones creating the articles and information that this site links to.

Can I submit a specific news update or event?
Not yet, but this is coming soon.

Can I suggest a new source for you to scan for updates?
Sure! Please email suggestions to editor (at) waynecounty.info. For news sources, we're only interested in sources that adhere to journalistic standards of reporting. For other sources that are non-journalistic but still of value, we ask that they clearly disclose any commercial or sponsored nature of their content. For events, we're interested in sources that regularly offer events of broad appeal within our community.

For a news or information source to be considered for inclusion, it needs to make updates available via an RSS feed or some similar industry-standard method that our software can read; most modern content management tools support this feature without any additional configuration. Updates that are manually added to the HTML of a web page are usually not compatible with our tools. If you're not sure whether you have something like this, check with your web developer or IT consultant.